Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Story of Mount Everest Story (3)

One of the first of my own projects was a simple game that I called Turtliac. It was a Flappy Bird clone and programmed from scratch in pure Objective-C. No other templates or tools. It was my "hello world" as a game programmer and I was very happy when it got accepted for the App Store.
Turtliac, 2014

Turtliac had an original score(a stupid little melody), sound effects and graphics bought from Graphic River. The turtle also had the recorded voice of my eleven year old son. I asked him to say something random when the turtle makes a looping and he spontaneously went "Jabatoba!". That is how the name of the company came up.

(Turtliac was removed from the App Store in January 2019 and had a little more than a thousand downloads.)

I also started to build a game called Fishy Tank. The idea was to make a strict master-detail application with only two screens, very standard iPhone UI but yet interesting gameplay.
The game simulates a fish tank with different species that eat each other. The goal is to maintain balance and to have as many species as possible in the tank at the same time. I bought stock graphics from Graphic River and I think the UI was rather nice. I would later build several other prototypes with the same idea but I never published the game.

Fishy Tank, 2014
Stockholm 2015-05-22

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