Friday, March 15, 2019

The Story of Mount Everest Story (2)

I wrote three or four versions of the game in GameMaker. They were playable games and worked much like I had thought but I was not satisfied. The game model started to become quite complex and was difficult to maintain in such an environment. I also knew that I wanted to build games for mobile phones and GameMaker did not give me much help with the GUI.

Everest in GameMaker, 2013

In order to use GameMaker's iPhone bridge, one had to first become a licensed Apple Developer. When I got licensed I started to browse Apples programming resources and the XCode environment.

I have programming background (some years ago) but I didn't think I had the stamina to learn a completely new programming environment again. I had also heard that Objective-C and Apples whole environment was rather intimidating. I browsed around, looked at the documentation and some tutorials. Suddenly I found something called CS193p and I was totally hooked...

CS193p is an advanced course in iPhone programming on Stanford University. It is made available online on iTunes University. The course consists of 14-15 real streamed lectures and 3-4 large programming assignments. The lectures simply goes online a day after they are held at Stanford. It is lead by an excellent teacher named Paul Hegarty.

The first time I started to look at the course I was stuck around lecture three or four. I could grasp most of the material up to lecture 4 but I understood why I was not a Stanford student. I must have looked at the first three lectures more than ten times. But I began to fall in love with the beauty of object-oriented programming, the academic style of the lectures, the complexity, the details. The voice of Paul Hegarty could be heard many hours a day both in my home and at my office. I started to become obsessed with programming.
Stockholm 2015-05-22


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